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“Smile – Ron is back!” 

So says Gabriele Guerra, a broadcaster on Radio Icarus in Rimini, Italy. Gabriele has named Ron LaSalle's new CD, “When Hellhounds Meet Angels,” Album of the Month. I’ll paraphrase a few comments from Gabriele's Italian review …

“(Being) affected by Ron’s voice is always a thrill! We find the mood of the storyteller in Ron’s style of rock, country blues and ballads meet jazz with a touch of Tom Waits. The ten tracks are contagious, elicit empathy and exhibit his ability to write great songs that have the gift of being loved from the first listen. This is the great power of Ron and a rare quality that shows all of his strengths.

Ron LaSalle always manages to excite me. Writing great songs is not easy but he always succeeds in doing so. The philosophy of Ron is leave sadness behind, live your day and find the joy of living in yourself and with the things around you. This album, written from his heart and textured with his blood, will touch the soul of us all.”